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>>We've grown! As of January 24, 2018, Playground Solutions is now Southeast Outdoors Solutions.<<

All things necessary (or just fun) to complement your outdoor play or recreation space 

Think of Southeast Outdoors Amenities, one of our four family brands, as offering everything you could possibily need or want to make your outdoor space shine. We have the basics and the functional, as well as the fun, modern and innovative... from surfacing and timber needs, benches, recreation seating, tables, freestanding play components, and trash receptacles to fitness equipment and every kind of shade shelter or shade structure under the sun. Oh, and we'll make sure your space meets ASTM International safety and regulatory standards. 

The sky is the limit to where you can go with our growing list of amenities. But don't get overwhelmed, we can help you make selections based on your budget, space dimensions and the items you must have, need, and want. 
Together we can create a unique, inviting, and comfortable space for children and families to enjoy.
  1. Southeast Outdoors Amenities - Shades - Snellville - Georgia
    4 Post Shade over Playground Structure in Snellville, GA This rectangular standard hip shade is the perfect shade solution for providing coverage while the little ones play - keeping them safe from the heat and harmful UV rays. “Our teacher, kids, and church love the new shade structure.” - Debbie McInosh, Preschool Director
  2. Southeast Outdoors Amenities - Surfacing - Milledgeville - GA
    New Surfacing & Playground in Milledgeville, GA This montessori property was focused on safety and utilized innovate pour-in-place (PIP) surfacing to provide stellar safety from falls as well bring smiles to faces with charming graphics.
  3. Southeast Outdoors-Amenities -Surfacing- Lawrenceville - Georgia
    New Surfacing in Lawrenceville, Georgia An apartment complex wanted their outdoor space to be unique, offering numerous options to play. They repurposed a tennis court area to add a playground, and made it possible with uniquely-shaped loose fill recycled rubber mulch.