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>>We've grown! As of January 24, 2018, Playground Solutions is now Southeast Outdoors Solutions.<<

Any project. At any stage. We are here for you...

Whether it is designing something from scratch, adding to your existing outdoor space, or needing necessary repairs and replacements, we've got you. Southeast Outdoors Build+Repair can also handle your essential needs, like inspections and ensuring you are up to code (new mulch, new timbers, surfacing? check, check, and check!) and that you are meeting ASTM standards.
We are not a cookie-cutter company. We pay attention to the details and we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. We strive to make the entire process, no matter how big or small the project, a personal and enjoyable experience so we are not just meeting your immediate needs, but also your needs years down the road. 
  1. Southeast Outdoors Build + Repair - Surfacing - Lawrenceville - Georgia
    New Playground & Surfacing in Lawrenceville, GA This apartment complex wanted their outdoor space to be unique, offering numerous options to climb, as well as eye catching with its colorful and uniquely-shaped loose fill recycled rubber mulch.
  2. Southeast Outdoors Build + Repair - Shade - Jasper - georgia
    Shade Addition to Playground to Jasper, GA This school had safety in mind when they chose modular shade structures for coverage, not just to protect children from harmful UV rays, but also to keep the equipment and kids from getting overheated. “With the sun shades, our kids love being able to enjoy our playground equipment even on the hottest of days.” - Ashley Cagle, 1st Grade Teacher
  3. Southeast Outdoors - Build Repair - Charlotte - North Carolina
    New Playground & Surfacing in Charlotte, NC This apartment-complex structure was chosen for two reasons - it stands out and give resident children a slightly-more-challenging option for playing outdoors! “You guys always do a great job.” - Erin Moser, Project Manager