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>>We've grown! As of January 24, 2018, Playground Solutions is now Southeast Outdoors Solutions.<<

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Research shows that children learn best when they have the freedom to explore, discover, imagine, and play. Southeast Outdoors Playgrounds, one of our four family brands, believes in providing the safest and highest quality playgrounds and play components that spark curiosity, imagination, and strengthen social, cognitive, emotional, and physical abilities. 

Play structures are typically the main attraction and selecting the perfect combination is a big deal. From start to finish, we can help you design the ideal outdoor space that fits within your area and budget. We believe in bringing the outdoors to life and what better way to do that than through encouraging outside play, so our kids grow into happier and healthier individuals. We are, after all, raising tomorrow's leaders today. So let them play! 

Pictured to your right: Southeast Outdoors owners, the Poole family, work and play together!
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  1. Southeast Outdoors Playgrounds - Amenities - Surfacing - Garrisonville - Virginia
    New Playground & Surfacing in Garrisonville, VA This structure was chosen, not only because of its appealing look, but because of the many features and play panels. “The playground installed covers a wide range of age and skill, are fun for the whole community, and can endure the test of time.” - Panayioti Tsipianitis, Project Manager
  2. Southeast Outdoors Playgrounds - Amenities - Surfacing - Macon - Georgia
    New Playground & Surfacing in Macon, GA This engineered wood fiber structure looks amazing for this Macon County school. The coloring fits the aesthetics of the surroundings and keeps that “woody” feel. “I love to look out my window and see the children playing on the x-wave and fort.” - Laura Perkins
  3. Southeast Outdoors Playgrounds - St. Marys - Georgia
    Addition/Upgrade to Playground & Surfacing in St. Marys, GA When this apartment complex chose to add another structure, they wanted it to provide as many options for kids to play as possible!
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