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>>We've grown! As of January 24, 2018, Playground Solutions is now Southeast Outdoors Solutions.<<

Here is a sample of completed projects. Feel free to look around and use for inspiration for your upcoming project. Like what you see here?  We can help you get the same look for your project.
  1. Southeast Outdoors Playgrounds - Jasper - Georgia
    New Playground in Jasper, GA This fun, bright animal-themed structure was selected to accommodate younger children in preschool and Sunday school, all at varying skill levels. “We are so thankful for our beautiful new playground! We are extremely blessed and humbled by their generous gift and recommend their services to everyone we meet!” - Cassie Rasco, Director
  2. Southeast Outdoors Playgrounds - Macon - Georgia
    New Playground & Surfacing in Macon, Georgia This engineered wood fiber structure looks amazing for this Macon County school. The coloring fits the aesthetics of the surroundings and keeps that “woody” feel. “I love to look out my window and see the children playing on the x-wave and fort.” - Laura Perkins,
  3. Southeast Outdoors Playgrounds - Lawrenceville - Georgia
    New Playground & Surfacing in Lawrenceville, GA This apartment complex wanted their outdoor space to be unique, offering numerous options to climb, as well as eye catching with its colorful and uniquely-shaped loose fill recycled rubber mulch.
  4. Southeast Outdoors Amenities - Shades - Snellville - Georgia
    4 Post Shade over Playground Structure in Snellville, GA This rectangular standard hip shade is the perfect shade solution for providing coverage while the little ones play - keeping them safe from the heat and harmful UV rays. “Our teacher, kids, and church love the new shade structure.” - Debbie McInosh, Preschool Director
  5. Southeast Outdoors Playgrounds - Milledgeville - Georgia
    New Playground & Surfacing in Milledgeville, GA This ground-level play structure was selected for safety including poured in place surfacing and the wide variety of interactive play panels and musical components that are key to nurturing growth and development. “Southeast Outdoors Solutions created new experiences for creative learning and play for our children” - Carol Gleahill, Director
  6. Southeast Outdoors Bark Parks - Dog Park - Smyrna - Georgia
    New Bark Park in Smyrna, GA Residents of this apartment complex will enjoy the new install of this dog park which includes benches, crawl-through tube, waste management, jumping obstacles and more. “Southeast Outdoors Solutions always exceeds my expectations!” - Brian McCormick, PM
  7. Southeast Outdoors Solutions - Playgrounds - Stafford - Virginia
    New Playground & Surfacing in Stafford, VA This structure was chosen because it’s durable, safe, and practical (yet still fun) and a great option for giving your kids the freedom to play nearby, while you’re a few feet away grilling, relaxing on the swing, or sitting by the pool.
  8. Southeast Outdoors Playgrounds - Garrisonville - Virginia
    New Playground & Surfacing in Garrisonville, VA This structure was chosen, not only because of its appealing look, but because of the many features and play panels. “The playground installed covers a wide range of age and skill, are fun for the whole community, and can endure the test of time.” - Panayioti Tsipianitis, Project Manager
  9. Southeast Outdoors Solutions - Amenities - Mulch - Lawrenceville - Georgia
    New Surfacing in Lawrenceville, Georgia An apartment complex wanted their outdoor space to be unique, offering numerous options to play. They repurposed a tennis court area to add a playground, and made it possible with uniquely-shaped loose fill recycled rubber mulch.
  10. Southeast Outdoors Playgrounds - Charlotte - North  Carolina
    New Playground & Surfacing in Charlotte, NC This apartment-complex structure was chosen for two reasons - it stands out and give resident children a slightly-more-challenging option for playing outdoors! “You guys always do a great job.” - Erin Moser, Project Manager
  11. Southeast Outdoors Amenities - Shades - Jasper - Georgia
    Shade Addition to Playground to Jasper, GA This school had safety in mind when they chose modular shade structures for coverage, not just to protect children from harmful UV rays, but also to keep the equipment and kids from getting overheated. “With the sun shades, our kids love being able to enjoy our playground equipment even on the hottest of days.” - Ashley Cagle, 1st Grade Teacher
  12. Southeast Outdoors Amenities - Surfacing - PIP - Georgia
    New Surfacing & Playground in Milledgeville, GA This montessori property was focused on safety and utilized innovate pour-in-place (PIP) surfacing to provide stellar safety from falls as well bring smiles to faces with charming graphics.
  13. Southeast Outdoors - Playgrounds - Amenities - Shade - Surfacing
    New Playground, Surfacing & Shade In addition to providing you with the perfect play structure for your age range, we can also add freestanding components like swingers and rockers, custom overhead shade structures for protection, and handle your surfacing needs!
  14. Southeast Outdoors  Bark Parks - Dog Park - Georgia
    New Bark Park in Cobb County, GA Dogs of all skill levels will have a field day on this dog agility course, available in varying levels, and pairs nicely with any of our dog-inspired amenities like this paw design park bench and trash receptacle pictured. “I know the residents will love this for their furry friends.” - Brian McCormick, Construction Manager
  15. Southeast Outdoors Playgrounds - Tire Swing - Norcross - Georgia
    Component Addition to Existing Apartment Playground in Norcross, GA Adding additional freestanding components, like this arch tire swing frame, is cost efficient and provides countless hours of fun, not to mention what it does for physical and social development. “Six girls 'helped' me install, so they could beat the boys to play!” - Michael Poole, Installer